Research Interest

JWST reveals the duration of early phases of star formation in NGC628

Related paper: Kim et al. 2023

Molecular clouds lifecycle in 54 main-sequence galaxies

I have quantified links between the small-scale GMC evolution and the galactic-scale environmental properties using 54 main-sequence PHANGS galaxies.

Related paper: Kim et al. 2022 

Duration of the embedded phase of star formation in nearby galaxies

Half of the star formation duration, detected in Spitzer 24mic, is missed when using Halpha only.

Related paper: Kim et al. 2021  

Origin of the observed Na-O anti-correlations in globular clusters 

I developed chemical evolution models for globular clusters that reproduced Na-O anti-correlation, along with other observed properties (e.g. CMD, population ratio), as well as observed Na abundance spreads in the MW bulge.

Related paper: Kim et al. 2018 Lee et al. 2019 Jang et al. 2019